• Untitled #1


    Cristian Chironi, a young sardinian artist (Nuoro, 1974), works on memory. One feels that, for a generation that seemed to have irredeemably lost its memory, this acquires a meaning of liberation and redemption. Childhood memories relating to the house, family, land, objects are constantly staked, affirmed and insisted on as sound anchorages of identity. The body is indeed the place where the fragment primarily fixes itself, according to a praxis that aims at declining it in a static and unchangeable image, in an iconic narrative and allegorical image.

    The artist’s memory sublimates itself to collective memory, starting from a sharing process that essentially goes through a sort of expiation, that is an earnest exposing of the self, a giving up of any prejudice, scheme and unquestionable category. The original trait in Chironi’s works is just this rewind process, performed by resetting his own identity and patiently re-building it according to an agenda of radical revision and self-analysis since his childhood.