• Offside


    Who understands something of football, knows certainly the offside rule. However, sometimes a little review could be of use to everybody. As well the admires of theĀ  “practiced” football, who have chucked the football boots in, who knows since how much time, as the football fans of the “spoken” football, who do not even miss one spectacle around the latest slow-motion replay of the Domenica Sportiva (Sunday Sports). After all, nowadays the dense activists of the second list continue to declare themselves as authoritative experts of the subject without remembering the ancient saying: “the practice is more worth than the grammar!!”. Anyway, there are not less lonely martyrs of the first group who, always ready to feel as misunderstood geniuses, prophets of the forefront of the “ex”. However, who does not identify himself in any of the two formations and who, therefore, does not feel neither called up by the television militancy for making chaos and free trade of words nor elected, in any case, of being the leader of the national team because of undisputable sportive merits, remains always more distressed and surprised about how the folks of football can get mad because of a simple rule. However, all the way, is it really possible to dialog with who is thinking out ambiguous answers, contradictory theses, ideas for polemic and only arguments of protest; with who gets to stimulate pulsations that are more violent, too. Is it possible to think of a new civilian space for an interpretation considering these premises?