• Fiat 127 Special (Camaleonte) and Drive


    Installation and live performance.

    Drive is the newest development from the project My House is a Le Corbusier. This time, Chironi sets out on the trail of relationships the great modernist architect Le Corbusier had with different cities. In a Fiat 127 Special, renamed Chameleon for its capacity to change colors based on location, and customized according to the color combinations typical of the homes of Le Corbusier. An “architectural” keyboard designed following the precise rules of color compresence to be matched as if they were sounds. Le Corbusier’s slogan “a house is a machine for living” reappears manipulated.

    The choice of this vehicle is related to the story of Costantino Nivola and his friendship and collaborations with Le Corbusier. Like Nivola, Chironi also left from Orani (NU) and often returns following a series of experiences that have led him to different places and contexts within the project My House is a Le Corbusier. In the early eighties Nivola, now ill, calls his nephew Daniele from Long Island, asking him to go to his home in Tuscany in a last attempt to bring his things back to Orani. Daniele remembers: “He told me: Try and take what’s there. Including the car! There are two artistic posters of value … Steinberg … There were his sculptures, paintings … The Picasso was gone… In the end I left some sketches. Not everything fit in the car.” Daniele embarked with a Fiat 127 full of works of art, returning to Orani with the awareness of having brought with him only a small part of that patrimony – cultural and existential. What did that car transport and what did it bring back? A material legacy, but also the start of a symbolic passing of the torch, an incitement to ‘go’ and feel like a resident of the world.

    Many years after that trip, Chironi reuses the same car with an artistic and performative gesture in a journey made of departures and returns, of generational correspondences, of meetings and imaginary visions recorded from the window. In performance, the artist himself drives the car in a journey of urban reflection and imagination on the themes of travel, mobility, housing, border crossing and social transformation. A journey from one point to another, which becomes the purpose of the path.

    Along with his stories, the audience (for a total of 4 passengers at a time by reservation), will hear during the trip audio-documents and sound compositions from the project My sound is a Le Corbusier – born from the synergy with several musicians and recorded in the various houses throughout the world designed by Le Corbusier, in which Chironi lives.

    Previous live performance : Bologna Drive, Oplà. Performing Activities – Arte Fiera Bologna, 2019. Milano Drive, Triennale Performing Arts Milano, 2019. Orani Drive, Orani, 2019. Marseille Drive, Manifesta 13 Marseille Les Parallèles du Sud, 2020. Bolzano Drive, Museion Bolzano, 2020. La Chaux- de-Fonds Drive, La Chaux- de-Fonds – Maison Blanche, 2020.

    Previous installation inside exhibition: Museo Nivola Orani, 2018. Marsèlleria permenet exhibition, Milano 2018. Soprintendenza archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio Verona, Rovigo e Vicenza, 2018.


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